Leeds is a small village in the western section of the city of NorthamptonMassachusetts, bordering Williamsburg—along the Mill River—and Florence.

The major factory was located at the corner of Main Street and Mulberry Street, another factory building was located across the bridge and to the right of Chartpak. Leeds is a small, close-knit community, but located very close to Florence, Northampton, and Haydenville with their many attractions, dining options, and activities.

From the site, Northampton Time Lines
The Form B is a standard form provided by the Massachusetts Historical Commission to organize information about historical buildings (B is for building). A set of these forms was prepared in the late 1970s, inspired by the bicentennial. A set of revised forms for Northampton was prepared by Bonnie Parsons in 2011 for the Northampton Historical Commission with funding from the Community Preservation Committee.
The 1970s set is most easily accessible via the Online Research section of the Historic Northampton website, here.
The 2011 revised set is publicly available on the City of Northampton website, but not in a section that can be found through the website's search function. They are in the Office of Planning and Development's "Public File Cabinet,"here, in the folder labeled "History."

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#3: Florence, Leeds, Haydenville and Williamsburg and an overview of the Mass